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What causes drains to back up?

Roots are a major cause of drain line stoppages!

Roots grow toward moisture by a continuous process occurring at the very end of the root. One cell at a time is added at the end of the root enabling it to penetrate an extremely small opening in the drain in it's pursuit of moisture


VAPOROOTER is composed of...
A herbicide which penetrates root cell walls, bursts them and causes the root to die and decay.

A root growth inhibitor which attaches to
surface-active organic materials to inhibit further root cell division or growth for approximately four years.

A surfactant blend which strips away grease and slime from the roots permitting penetration of the formulation into the root mass.

A foaming agent which provides a durable,
fine-textured 'vehicle' to carry VAPOROOTER into maximum contact with all roots and pipe surfaces.

When visiting your sight we will...
  • Insert a camera system into the sanitary drain from cleanout inside the house to the street main in order to determine the exact location and density of the roots.
  • Cut the roots out of the drain to
    achieve a 60% to 70% opening
    in the drain.
  • Inject foam into the drain to fill it
    entirely from the house cleanout
    to the street main to stop further
    root growth for up to 4 years
VAPOROOTER Advantages...
  Yes No
EPA Registered  
Engineer Recommended  
Kills Surface Plants  
Affects Treatment Plant  
Inhibits Re-growth for Years  
Removes Grease  
Reduces Stoppages  
Kills Roots that Grow
Primarily Above the Flow






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